10 Unknown Causes of Money Saving Challenge to Know About

10 Unknown Causes of Money Saving Challenge to Know About

Saving money is the only way to anyone can become financially secure as achieving financial security prepares you for those scary life emergencies and living well on your own terms.

Unfortunately, saving money isn’t always fun and easy for everyone either. That’s why these unknown money saving challenges can be massively helpful to guide you.

What would youdo with some extra money?Pay off debt? Build an emergency fund? Save for a vacation? Save forretirement?

Are you looking tosave money, budget better and get on top of your finances? Well thesemoney saving challenges might just help you achieve your money goals!Depending on your own local currency, whether you would prefer tosave 100’s or 1000’s a month or just a few pennies a day here isa list of some of the best money saving challenges to help youachieve your savings goal this year…

Regardless of yourpersonal or family situation, spending less and saving more are goodhabits to develop, hat is why a moneysaving challengecan be a fun and effective way to help with developing those habits,and to provide the motivation and accountability to stick with it.

1. The “No Spend” Challenge

With the “no spend”challenge you’re only allowed to pay for things that are absolutenecessities (bills, food, etc). You are challenged to stay away frombuying anything that you don’t NEED (takeaways, clothes, days out,etc.).

This challenge alsopresents the opportunity to extend your appreciation for the simple(and cheap) things in life like spending time with your family,cooking meals, and enjoying ‘you’ time! You can choose to take upthis challenge for a week or month, the more hardcore can attempt itfor a year!

2. The Spare Change Challenge

This one is simple, collect any spare change you have in money box and watch it pile up! You can’t touch your money box until the end of the year (or in the case of an emergency).

And if you don’t find that quite challenging enough, up it a level and put all your £1 coins into the jar instead every night.

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3. Automate Your Savings

This challenge is great for those of you that can often forget about your savings or need to see your savings as part of your monthly routine. Open a new savings account – you can do this at your own bank or with a application like Cleo.

Now set up an automatic transfer to this savings account once a month. Make the amount something that you can comfortably save without worrying about your living expenses.

4. The 365 Day Money Challenge

With this challenge,you save a small amount of money every day. Start off with 1p thefirst day, 2p on day 2 (on the last day you you be saving £3.65. Ifyou keep this challenge up, you would save £667.95 by the end of theyear.

5. The 52 Week Saving Challenge

Probably one of the most popular money saving challenge is the 52-week saving challenge. For this challenge, you save an increasing amount each week.

The amount corresponds with the week, depending on your country’s currency, so you save £1 in week 1, £2 in the week 2, £3 in week 3, and so on.

On the 52nd week ofthe year, you save £52. If you stick to it you will have saved£1,378 by the end of the year. You could use this amount to savetowards something like a holiday or (even more sensible)

6. The Reverse 52 Week Saving Challenge

While the 52-weeksaving challenge is popular not everyone loves the idea of it. It’sbeen pointed out how the challenge involves saving around £200during December (a tough time of year for your finances).

The reverse 52-weekSaving Challenge involves saving a decreasing amount each week. Youstart by saving £52 in week 1, then £51 the second week…eventually ending in a £1 saving on the 52nd week of the year.Saving the bigger amount at the start of the year could be easier todo since it won’t be during the holidays.

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7. Save Every Time you Post on Facebook

Are you addicted toFacebook? Well now you can start saving money every time you post onFacebook.

8. Skimming to Savings

Skimming money fromyour current account in to your savings account is a great way tobuild up savings.

9. The 1% at a Time Savings Challenge

The trick is to divide your goal by 100 and tackle it 1% at a time. For instance, if you wanted to save £500, divide it by 100. Then you just need to save £5 one hundred times.

Once you’ve worked out what your 1% at a time amount is, you can start looking at ways to save 1% at a time, or earn an extra 1% at a time.

10. The “Less Things” Challenge

This one isn’t necessarily a “savings” challenge, but it could help you simplify your life and potentially earn some money in the process.

The idea with this challenge is to get rid of any unused items around the house and to de-clutter every wardrobe, shelf, cupboard and garage space.

You can choose what you want to do with your items whether you want to donate, recycle or sell. But selling one item every day/week could majorly boost your finances.

Am certain that by now you must be aware of the money saving challenge…. Therefore I will encourage you to start your money saving challenge right away!



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