13 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter leaf

Bitter leaf which is also known as Veronia Amygdalina is popularly used in most African delicacies as a vegetable. In scientific parlance, bitter leaf is an aborigine of Africa which can either be cooked, juiced or chewed raw.

Thou many people like adding this vegetable to their meals, many others also despise this vegetable due to its natural bitter taste without considering the medicinal / health benefits attached to this vegetable.

Since some people consume this vegetable without knowing the medicinal values of this plant and that is why we will be looking at the medicinal values (health benefits) of this amazing vegetable called Bitter leaf today.

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter leaf
13 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter leaf

Some of the medicinal values of bitter leaf include:

1. Fight against Sugars and Bad Acids

Regular consumption of this vegetable helps fight against sugars and bad acids in the system which are the main causes of cells and blood vessels inflammations that usually leads to cardiovascular diseases.

2. Regulates Low Density Cholesterol Levels

It also regulates low density cholesterol levels in the blood and hence preventing cardiovascular diseases like heart attacks and strokes.

3. Rich in Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals

Bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals due to the presence of nutrients in it especially Beta Carotene.

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4. Controls the Synthesis of Female Sex Hormones

Bitter leaf controls the synthesis of female sex hormones and this allows women to stay younger and healthy for a long duration of time.

Want to remain young and healthy as a woman? Then eat bitter leaf….

5. Helps to Prevent Malaria

Bitter leaf has been widely used and recognized for its efficacy in preventing malaria. Drinking the juice alone is an antidote for malaria and funny enough this leave is very cheap in most areas and can be found in gardens, many people even uproot them and throw them away as weeds due to its bitter taste.

6. Increases Milk Production in Breast Feeding Mothers

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter leaf

Consumption of this amazing plant is helpful in increasing milk production in breast feeding mothers. It increases appetite in anorexia (loss of appetite).

Therefore, are you a breastfeeding mother wishing to increase you milk production for your sweet baby naturally? Don’t have appetite for food? Get started with consuming bitter leaf now….

7. It is also used in boosting immune function.

8. It is useful in treating sleeplessness (insomnia)

9. It can be utilized in the management of coughs

10. It is used in the treatment of helminthiasis (worm infestation)

11. It works against constipation

12. Bitter leaf is a fertility inducer.

13. There are also revelations that bitter leaf if incorporated in the diet can slow cancer growth and even kill cancer cells.

Taking Bitter leaf for Treatment

Strain or pound 4-7 matured leaves of bitter leaf, then strain with about two or three glasses of water, filter out the juice or solution and drink at least one hour before any food in the morning.

You may repeat in the afternoon and evening when taking as a treatment for better result.

With all these amazing health benefits associated with bitter leaf, don’t you think it is a very amazing leave to always add to your meals?

Business Tips:

Do you know that you can even make money from this?

13 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter leaf
Bitter leaf Plant

Now let’s reason this together,

Many people are yet to discover the health benefits associated with consuming bitter leaf and so weed the plant off from their gardens.

Even those that consume bitter leaf do it occasionally due to its bitter taste and often times not because they like the plant but because it is cheaper than most vegetables out there at the market.

Now let’s talk business:

Have you considered planting bitter leaf on a large area of land and start supplying to large eateries and food selling points around you?

Can you imagine how much you can be making from this business if you decide to harvest bitter leaf from your garden, wash them and supply to markets to resell?

Topic Assignment:

Do your market survey within your location and find out if it something that can be worth doing to generate more income for you and your household.

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