13 Health Benefits of Jogging and The Effect on your Mind and Body

13 Health Benefits of Jogging and The Effect on your Mind and Body

In summary, Regular running or jogging offers many health benefits which include the following:

  • help to build strong bones, as it is a weight bearing exercise
  • strengthen muscles
  • improve cardiovascular fitness
  • burn plenty of kilojoules
  • help maintain a healthy weight.

Meanwhile, the difference between running and jogging is intensity. Running is faster, uses more kilojoules and demands more effort from the heart, lungs and muscles than jogging. Running requires a higher level of overall fitness than jogging.

Both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise. Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ – the term ‘aerobic exercise’ means any physical activity that produces energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat.


  • Both running and jogging are forms of aerobic exercise.
  • A beginner to exercise should start with brisk walking, progress to jogging and work up to running.
  • See your doctor for a check-up before starting a running program.

Runningis more than just a physical act. It involves mental exercise thatcan be just as difficult as the actual act of moving. In fact, thisis often the area that challenges people the most. The good news isthat the health benefits of jogging everyday encompass both thephysical and mental as well.

Ifyou are struggling to find the motivation to get out of the house andgo for a run, then hopefully this list of amazing rewards thatjogging will bring to you is enough to get you moving.

Physical Health Benefits of Jogging Everyday

13 Health Benefits of Jogging and The Effect on your Mind and Body

1.Improves Heart Health

It is not surprising that one of the best health benefits of jogging everyday is that it is good for your heart. As running is an aerobic exercise, it decreases the risk of heart disease, cardiovascular disease and can even improve longevity.

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2.Has Anti-Ageing Benefits

Jogging benefits forskin are such that you start looking more fresh and youthful. This isbecause jogging ensures that the skin receives more oxygen and blood

3.Enhances Lung Capacity

Workingalongside the heart is the lungs. When you jog, you needsubstantially more oxygen than if you are sedentary, let’s say,sitting on the couch. If you want a way to improve and strengthenyour respiratory function, getting up and moving is the way to do it.

Withconsistent jogging, you will increase the lung’s intake capacityover time, meaning that eventually, you will be able to complete thesame amount of exercise with less effort.

4.Weight Loss

Comparedto the other physical health benefits of jogging everyday, losingweight is one that you can visually see for yourself over time.Jogging is a great way to manage and lose weight, as it gets the bodymoving and your heart pumping on a regular basis.

Notonly will your body burn calories during your run but also for up to48 hours afterwards. So you will still be reaping these physicalbenefits of jogging even after you finish, speeding up yourmetabolism.

5.Improves Bone Strength

The advantage of jogging is that it maintains bone health. When you begin jogging, the bones experience some amount of stress and load.

13 Health Benefits of Jogging and The Effect on your Mind and Body

It prepares the bones to bear this additional stress which it starts to endure on a regular basis.

It strengthens the bones and prevents bone trauma and injuries.

It improves bone thickness and wards off problems like osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It also makes the bones of the hip and the spine stronger.

6.Develops Muscles

Jogging helps yourbody become more toned. It works on the large muscles and developsthem. It is great for the hamstrings, calf, gluteal muscles, etc.

7.Increase Fitness

By jogging everyday, you will most certainly become fitter. It is one thing to lose weight but it is another to become fit and healthy.

As I mentioned previously, your respiratory function will substantially improve meaning that you will be able to complete the task at hand with less effort and exertion.

When it comes to running, this may be being able to run that 5km distance in a faster time than before or making to to 10km when you couldn’t before.

Yourendurance levels will grow, which is a great health benefit ofjogging everyday.

8.Prevents Infections and Communicable Diseases

Jogging is known to stimulate the production of lymphocytes and macrophages that combat infection in the body.

It helps to fight viral infections like flu and common cold and also some bacterial infections.

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MentalHealth Benefits of Jogging Everyday

9.Relieves Stress

Jogging is a great stress reliever. It can work two ways. You can use the time in your running session to focus on your nagging issues and sweat it off.

13 Health Benefits of Jogging and The Effect on your Mind and Body

Alternatively,you can escape it for a little while and give yourself somemuch-needed space. Instead, you could use the time to clear your mindand think about something else for a bit.

Eitherway, jogging is an efficient way to relieve stress and to help yougain some perspective on things.

10.Keeps the Mind Healthy

Jogging plays a major role in improving the mental health of the person.

When you jog, your body releases hormones called endorphins that help lift your spirit and make you feel positive about yourself. And that is why you feel calm and rejuvenated after jogging.

11.Grows Confidence

Maybe you weren’t all that great at running when you first started. Maybe you could only manage to walk the distance on your first try or gave up halfway.

That may have been the case in the beginning but after consistent sessions, how much progress have you made?

Chancesare, you would have improved. Even if it is by the slightest margin,this can increase your confidence dramatically.

Aboost in confidence is a great mental health benefit of jogging. Itis even better because this morale can then be applied in all otherareas of your life. So you won’t only be improving your fitness butalso the way you approach other areas in your life.

12.Builds the Immune System

Jogging promotes not just physical but also mental well-being. It makes you stronger and fights depression and stress. It removes fatigue, boosts the production of white blood cells in the body and builds up immunity.

13.Boosts Happiness

Ever finished a run and felt happy? You have experienced a common phenomenon known as the “runner’s high”.

Therunner’s high is what makes jogging addictive to some people. Ithelps to release endorphins that bring you to a state of euphoria.

Sonext time you are dreading that running session, just know that atthe end of it, you will be very happy that you did it.

As you can see, the health benefits of jogging everyday not only encompasses physical results but also mental ones. As well as training your body, you will be able to train your mind. Whether you prefer the treadmill or fresh air, as long as you commit to training, you will be able to reap the benefits.

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Healthand safety suggestions with running and jogging

Suggestions include:

13 Health Benefits of Jogging and The Effect on your Mind and Body
  • Make sure you eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  • Avoid eating directly before going for a run.
  • Avoid running during the hottest part of the day in summer.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during and after your run.
  • Take your mobile phone with you.
  • If using an iPod or headset, do not have the music too loud – stay alert and aware.
  • Wear reflective materials if you’re running in the early morning or at night.
  • Tell someone where you plan to run and when you think you’ll be back.
  • Choose well-lit, populated routes and avoid dangerous and isolated areas.
  • If you injure yourself while running, stop immediately. Seek medical advice.

FrequentlyAsked Questions (FAQs) about Jogging/Running

1.What is the Difference between Jogging and Running?

The most basicdifference between jogging and running is that jogging is at a slowerpace. Not only is running faster, but it also uses more energy andburns more calories. Jogging is easier on the muscles, heart and thelungs.

When jogging, the feetmake maximum contact with the ground as compared to running. However,while running, the feet make only minimal contact with the ground.Thus, jogging is more weight-bearing. Running is essentially ahigh-intensity workout.

2. Isit Good to Jog Daily?

Jogging daily may notbe as strenuous as running, but it is certainly higher in intensitythan walking. You must not over-exert yourself at any cost. Your bodymust be given enough rest to relax and recuperate. Otherwise, itwould strain your joints and muscles. You may end up with injuries.It may even cause excessive fatigue and depression.

3. AtWhat Age Can a Child Start Jogging?

The right time for a child to start jogging is around 7-8 years of age. Children in the age group of 4-14 years can easily run about 4 km or for about half an hour. The key is to not rush. A child can go to jog for about 2-3 km, to begin with, and, then, may increase the duration and distance gradually.

4. IsIt Better to Jog in the Morning or Evening?

It is advised that onemustn’t go jogging very early in the morning. This is because thebody temperature lower and the bodily functions haven’t kicked infully during this time. Jogging in the evening is far more beneficialand suitable for the body. By this time, the lung function is betterand the bones are active and fluid. The body temperature is alsohigher in the evening, making it feel easier to jog or run.

While it may not bepossible for everyone to take out enough time during the latter half,it is better to exercise whenever possible than not at all.

With so many benefitson your side, jogging makes for an efficient and fruitful choice ofworkout. Forget fancy fitness routines and rigorous diets. So, pullup your socks, make an effort and jog yourself to a healthy life.

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