18 Amazing Benefits of Advertising Small Businesses

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Today,we are going to be discussing about the benefits of advertising small businesses.What exactly small businesses tend to achieve when they are being advertised.

Thou thereare many benefits, we are going to group them into 18 in-order to discuss themin details.

Beloware the 18 amazing benefits of advertising small business and what you as theowner of the business tend to achieve due to advertisement:

1. Advertising helps you to Increase Foot Traffic

Forbrick and mortar businesses, advertising online to create awareness of theirnature of business to people around them can get more customers in the door.

2. Advertising helps you to Generate Leads

ForB2B businesses, advertising online can fill your sales funnel and help you getmore leads for your sales force to follow up on.

3. Advertising helps you to Introduce New Products

Forsoftware or consumer manufacturing businesses, advertising can help launchproducts with a splash.

4. Advertising helps you to Highlight Product Enhancements

Ifyour business has an existing product or service, advertising can make thepublic aware of improvements.  Letting the public know about your innovationcan boost sales and generate more income for you.

5. Advertising helps you to Get Traffic to a Web Page

Foronline businesses, advertising online can attract people to a landing pagewhere you can convert the visitor into a customer.

6. Advertising helps you to Improve Brand Awareness

Advertisingkeeps your business top of mind so consumers think of it when they require aservice. This is especially good for service businesses.

7. Advertising helps you to Spread the Word about a Sale or Special Promotion

Forany kind of retail business, advertising can make the public aware of a sale orpromotion bringing in more customers in the process.

8. Advertising helps you to Drive Immediate Online Sales

For eCommerce businesses, advertising online can bring online sales almost immediately.

  • Advertisinghelps you to Lift Brand Image

For businesses in industries suffering from an outdated or poor perception, advertising can transform public opinion creating a more favorable impression. For example, advertising can make people aware of expanded capabilities or offerings.

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10. Advertising helps youto Boost thought Leadership or Industry Profile

If youare a consultant or run a tech company and want to be known for your expertise,advertising your services to a lot of people can help.

Nativeads can promote your content demonstrating your expertise and building yourreputation as a thought leader.  Sponsoring content that featuresexpertise also raises your profile and helps attract industry partners.

11. Advertising helps youto Announce a Store Grand Opening

Use onlineadvertisement to announce your business new location and Get more foot trafficwith increase in sales.

12. Advertising helps youto Get Seen by Local Searchers Online and in Phones

Forlocal businesses, it’s critical to be seen in maps search and mobile search.That way you attract those searching for a restaurant, shop or other businessright in your area.  

Use a listing service such as WorldMarketSite.com to make sure your local business’s address, phone, hours and other information is accurately propagated across the web to as many directories as possible.

13. Advertising helps youto Stand Out from the Competition

Forbusinesses in crowded markets, advertising can set your brand apart from therest of the crowd and be recognized.

14. Advertising helps youto Convert Online “Window Shoppers” into Buyers

Re-targeting or re-marketing ads can remind visitors of your products after they leave your site. This technique is proven to convert more shoppers into buyers. Let’s say someone abandoned a shopping cart in your eCommerce store or simply didn’t buy for some other reason. With re-targeted ads, they will be reminded of the product by seeing an ad days later.

15. Advertising helps youto Grow your email List or Social Following

If youwant to get more email subscribers or more loyal social followers, then socialmedia advertising may be useful to accomplish these and other marketingobjectives.  

Once people consent to receiving email marketing messages from you, or choose to follow your social posts, you have more chances to get your messages in front of them.

18 Amazing Benefits of Advertising Small Businesses
18 Amazing Benefits of Advertising Small Businesses

16. Advertising helps youto Increase Order Value

Advertisespecial bundles and order size incentives to increase your customers’ averageorder value.  Example: offer “threshold based” coupons, such as 10 percentoff every order over $150.

17. Advertising helps youto Boost your Content Marketing Impact

Contentmarketing is a powerful marketing technique. But advertising can give it evenmore impact.  Share your content on social media, and then boost thesocial media update.

It will get your content seen more widely and you will get more click thorough and engagement on your content which in turn can help improve your search engine position.  

Or opt for sponsored content on a popular site, so your content is seen more widely. Contact [email protected] for more assistance

18. Expand the Power ofWord of Mouth

Advertising can help jumpstart and amplify word of mouth.  About 85 percent of small businesses report they get most of their customers through word of mouth, according to a study by Small Business Trends.

Butwhat if you could drive the word of mouth sharing by your customers evenhigher?  The more new customers you get through advertising, the morehappy customers you will have to share word of mouth praise about yourbusiness!

Thereare so many things that advertising can do for your businesses and am certainthat even from the few you went through above, you will understand the power behindadvertising your businesses to create more awareness and generate more clients,leads, customers, buyers etc.

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