Guide on How to Insert a Sewing Thread Through a Needle and Tie a Knot

Almost all sewing projects no matter how big or small usually start with threading a needle. To make this starting step easier, work with a needle that’s large enough for your thread and trim the end so the fibers don’t poke out of the needle’s eye. Once you’ve got the thread through your needle, create a quick knot at the bottom. Then, you’re ready to sew! Source: WikiHow STEP 1: Inserting a Single Thread Through a Needle 1. Choose a needle that can accommodate your thread’s thickness. Once you’ve picked…

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A Sewing Thread, It’s Importance, Types and their Uses

A Sewing Thread, It's Importance, Types and their Uses

What is a Sewing thread? A Sewing Thread as part of a sewing machine is a flexible, small diameter yarn or strand usually treated with a surface coating, lubricant or both, intended to be used to stitch one or more pieces of material or an object to a material. It may be defined as smooth, evenly spun, hard-twisted ply yarn, treated by a special finishing process to make it resistant to stresses in its passage through the eye of a needle and through material involved in seaming and stitching operations.…

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