21 Profitable Businesses you can start with #100k in Nigeria

Starting a business in Nigeria can be frustratingconsidering some factors like capital, infrastructures, time management etc. Ithas not also been very easy for already existing businesses in the country asthey also struggle daily to meet up their expectations on their different businessesas regards to sales, exposure and growth performance of their firms.

Meanwhile starting little and growing from there can be avery good idea for every intending entrepreneur as this does not only give youthe opportunity to grow on the business, it also helps to equip you for abrighter future, identify your mistakes and correct them as not to allow themreoccur in the future thereby leading to the growth of your business andunderstanding the full operation methods of your business.

Many young people in Nigeria actually have the zeal anddream of becoming business men/women but often times are being discouraged bylack of capital and the situation of things in the country as well.

This is why I want us to discuss about some profitable businesses one can start here in Nigeria with a capital as low as 100,000 Naira only and expand gradually below:

Bedsheet / Beddings Production
Bedsheet/Beddings Production

1. Bedsheet / Beddings Production

Pay a visit to Lagos Island, or Aba where they sell bulkmaterials, pick good designs and I tell you they guys who will sew it for youare just within the same Market. You can start will less than 100k anddiligently grow your money.

2. Shirt Production

A sweet side hustles. There are tailors in Lagos Islandor  Aba, better learn the skill it willsave you all the heartbreaks imaginable. . Materials ranging from 700 – 1k peryard, sew for 1500/2k, Sell for 5-7k.

3. Boxers

Schedule a trip to Aba Market, the cost of production ofboxers, you can get one for as low as N300, all you need is to package it in3s, and market these babies properly beg your friend on twitter for RTs, we buy3s pack boxers for 1500-2500 sell yours for 1200 gradually grow.

4. E-Payments and POS Business

You can get POS machine from your Bank, and activate onlinebanking: If you live in a place where banks aren’t much you can handle epayments for people and make your small change. I paid someone N200 to withdraw10k most places, ATM queue can be crazy.

5. Mobile and Electronic Accessories

Mobile and electronic Accessories such Pouches, Chargers,USB cables, HDMI cables, earphones and more, can be sourced on Alibaba, AliExpress, Deal Extreme, etc. The more you buy the lower the price. And they arelight so shipping won’t be a burden. Sell on here or Jumia and co.

6. Popcorn Business

We all know this, we buy it every time. Bags of corn –Branded Nylon Sugar, Salt & Butter. The beauty of this is when properlymade, its aroma will attract its customers. Manual sealing machine -7/9kPopcorn Machine is 65k on Jumia Popcorn can be served anywhere. It costs lessthan N40 to make a pack of popcorn

7. Branding – Sales and Customizing

Sales and Customizing of Football Team Football teamsupporters always want to show how much they’re rooting for a team.

8. Snail Farming

Snail farming in Nigeria is even more popular, due to itsrelatively cheap cost of startup and If you market your products well, yourbusiness will thrive. This is a business you can start from your backyard. Bestin mind, snails take almost a year to mature so Patience is Key!

9. Fairly Used Goods

Fairly used goods such as Jeans, Tops, t-shirts, shoes etc.They could be sourced at Badagry, even Cotonou. 100k can’t get you a bale butyou can select and mix them. Wash then and pack neatly. Marketing is all ittakes, you’ll Sell and see your money multiply.

10. Cleaning Services

Some people find it hard to clean their apartments costhey’re busy from Monday to Friday and Saturday they have engagement and onSunday all they want to do is rest. Your tools won’t cost you up to 30k and youcan clean 6 apartments a weekend.

11. Home Cooking and Delivery

You can cook a variety of meals well and apply customerservice, People will pay good money for your services, you can run this fromhome ‪@Hot Pots are more than capable when to comes to training you on how tostart up.

12. Digital Marketing

The success of any business is in its ability toeffectively reach its teeming customers and this is achieved by effectivemarketing: Get a Used Laptop and Smartphone, temporarily your smartphone candouble as your hotspot Persistence and Passion is Key.

13. Cakes and Confectionery

This is one business that always comes to play, peoplecelebrate, and bakers are always consulted. Get the required skill, a decentoven, passion and customer service! You’ll grow.

14. Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning

Aso-Oke Beading and Stoning has become sometimes in voguenow, and this is another sweet business one can start with 100k. You just haveto learn how to bead and unlock your creative mind.

15. Bead Making

I’m not sure there’s really much to say here. All you needis training, passion, creativity, unique designs and styles, then adequatemarketing. You absolutely don’t need 100k to start this.

16. Home Service Barber

This is another profitable small-scale business. Thebeautiful thing about this is you bring your services to your clients for anextra token above regular. The starting capital to get the equipment and I’msure you know we have rechargeable clippers.

17. Tutorial Classes

No matter your age, this is another well-paying job, eitheras part-time or full-time. Many families are willing to spend what it takes fortheir children’s success and there’s one subject you’re well versed at. Justclose the gap, meet their need for a fee.

18. Internet Services

Forget the extensive coverage of internet and the fact thatpeople can assess it on their phones, do you know how much applicants pay justto have Jamb applications filled online? You need a good system, printer &ISP. People pay as much as 1k per application

19. Production of Zobo, Smoothies, cocktail, small chops,cupcakes and chinchin!

You’d realize the importance of this combo can’t be ruledout. You can render these services with 100k startup capital + propermarketing, branding and packaging. Just get a good place to learn how to makethem.

20. Re-Invest Your seed Capital in an existing business

Not everyone has the head for business but they can sniffopportunities. You can always sow your money as operating capital and draft anagreement on profit sharing. You can at least support your investment bybringing customers so the business can thrive. Market it on all your socialmedia pages and who knows.

21. Production of Hand-Made cards

Do you know people pay good money for these things made ofpaper and strawboard? This is one business you can start with less than 100k.

Imagine you want to give a dignitary something they won’tforget, you certainly can’t buy them clothes or shoes because they have it all.

Truth is there so much one can do with very little, ittakes persistence, focus, interest and above all hard work. We can’t all berich but we all shouldn’t be poor.

100k can do a lot!!!!

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