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5 Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay and their Methods of Prevention

Tooth decay as part of tooth health is directly related to the health of the whole body and there are many people who suffer from this disease.

Tooth decay is the softening of your tooth enamel caused by acids. These acids are created when plaque bacteria break down sugar in your mouth.

Tooth decay occurs when foods containing carbohydrates become trapped between teeth and are not completely removed with brushing and flossing.

The plaque bacteria generate acidic by-products that eat away at the tooth enamel, slowly creating holes in the teeth called cavities. Without treatment, these holes can grow larger over time and may even destroy the whole tooth.

Major causes of tooth decay are sugary, sticky foods and beverages. The more sugar consumed, the more acid, which gets produced leading to decay. Sugar combines with plaque to weaken the enamel leaving you vulnerable to tooth decay.

Each time you eat a sugary snack, your teeth are vulnerable to damage from the acids for the next 20 minutes. It is important to understand the causes of tooth decay so you can learn the proper way to care for your teeth and care for your health.

According to experts, if the teeth are not treated after the worm is infected, it can destroy all the teeth.

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What is Toothache?

5 Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay and their Methods of Prevention

We must have heard the phrase from almost every other person’s mouth that has worms in their teeth, but have you ever wondered how this worm reaches teeth?

According to experts, when we eat food, a few pieces of it get trapped in our teeth.

The bacteria in the plaque expel an acid that causes severe damage to the roots and surface of the teeth.

Symptoms of Worsening of Teeth

There can be numerous symptoms of tooth decay which, if considered, we will know immediately that there is a worm in our teeth.

1. Feeling cool and Worm

5 Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay and their Methods of Prevention

One of the most common symptoms of tooth decay is that we begin to feel cold and hot while eating or drinking.

As the upper surface of the teeth is affected, the teeth begin to feel cold.

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2. Feeling strange while eating sweet

Methods of Prevention

In addition to feeling cold in the teeth, if you feel something different or strange on your teeth while eating sweet, understand that your teeth are beginning to deteriorate.

3. Dental problems

5 Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay

If your teeth begin to feel discomfort, it means that your teeth have become damaged.

This is another symptom of toothache that is ignored by many of us.

4. Spot stains on teeth

5 Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay and their Methods of Prevention

The appearance of white stains on the teeth is a sign of tooth decay, as the teeth get worse the white color of the teeth will start to decline.

Many people’s teeth begin to show white, light black, or yellowish-colored spots that indicate a tooth infection.

5. Hole in the teeth

Tooth Decay

If the teeth do not consult the doctor even after the appearance of the tooth, then this results in the opening of the tooth hole.

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If you notice holes in the teeth or between the teeth, please consult a doctor right away.

Ways to Prevent Tooth Decay

5 Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay and their Methods of Prevention

If you do not want to have tooth decay and your teeth are healthy, follow these steps.

1: If you want to protect your dentist, make sure you get a dental checkup done once every 6 months.

2: Brush your teeth thoroughly twice a day with mild hands, and use a toothpaste containing fluoride.

3: Floss once a day, but in the meantime, keep in mind that flossing only by buying the flossing thread from the medical, flossing does not interfere with the bacteria from which the bacteria There is no growth.

4: Drink more water throughout the day as there is a higher risk of developing bacteria in the dry mouth.

5: Avoid soda, cold drinks and juices daily.

Am certain that after going through this article, you must have now understand the Early Symptoms of Tooth Decay and it’s Simple Methods of Prevention.

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