Best Small Business Ideas for You – Part 2

On our previous article, we discussed about the first part of the best small business ideas and in case you missed the post don’t worry, you can read up some of the interesting business ideas discussed on that article by visiting the page or through here: “Best Small Business Ideas – Part 1”.

Today we are going to be continuing our amazing topic on the second part of the discussion as a continuation from the previous part.

Some of the amazing and best small business ideas we are going to be discussing about today include the following:

1. Printing and Selling GSM Recharge Card Vouchers

Imagine that you are the one producing GSM recharge vouchers that are used within your area and how much money you can be making from that business alone. I don’t know how many GSM subscribers are living in your area but I am sure that my own country Nigeria for instance has over 40 million subscribers.

You can start your own recharge card printing business and sell them to people within your area today. All you need is the printing machine and pins. Therefore I encourage you to make inquiry regarding how you can start this business today and turn it into a successful business.

2. Bakery Business Ideas

You can start your bakery business with any amount of cash available to you. You can start little and grow your business gradually into your dream business. You can get a small parcel of about half a plot or a full plot of land and build a clay oven

3. A Security Company

Let us use Nigeria as a case study on this business idea. To a lot of people in my country, setting up a security company is a capital-intensive project therefore so many people have been scared away from attempting to set up one because of this mind-set and mentality.

Meanwhile, It is very possible to start or set up a security company with little or no capital.

Some Multinational companies pay as much as N65,000 per security officer and the security company collects N15,000 while they pay N50,000 to the security officer.

Now with this analysis, imagine if you have so many security workers in different companies, that is definitely a large sum at the end of the day.

You can also give this business idea a try in your own country to see how it turns own for you too.

4. Television and Radio Production

Nigeria for instance currently has over 140 TV Stations and 200 radio station spread across the Country. There are different types of shows on our Television and Radio; such as current affairs, news, sports program, Automobile, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Shoppers Guide, Maritime Television, Politics, Aviation, Finance, Insurance, Cultural dances, Personality Profile, Educational Program, Musicals, Fashions, Construction, Oil Industry, Religion, Hospitality and Tourism, Real Estate, Dating Game Show, Agriculture, Women Empowerment Program, School Quiz Competition, Teenage Program and so on.

It is imperative to tailor your show towards your professional background, orientation and finally interest.

5. Real Estate Business

The boom in property sector is already showing in the high cost of cement, even property stocks on the exchange are smelling-hot. This emerging wealth is sure to simmer in to the hands of both the medium and small income earners.

It is now glaring that in the face of increased cost of land and property in the real estate sector, there is actually a big opportunity for many who know the secrets of getting it cheap when others are still ignorant and selling high thereafter.

After all, that is what real estate is all about, except for the intelligence you need to acquire in order to play in the market rightly.

As a new entrant into the industry, all you need to do is be the link between the buyer and the seller; and you are entitled to a particular commission.

We are going to end our today’s discussion here.

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