Best Small Business Ideas for You – Part 3

Today we are going to be continuing our discussion on the best small business ideas for you which you can actually start up with little or no capital.

If you have been following up on our previous articles, am sure you will find some of the amazing business ideas we have discussed about as this is a continuation of the “Part 2”.

Meanwhile if you have not been able to go through them then don’t worry, you can simply read them up here through this link: Best Small Business Ideas – Part 1and Best Small Business Ideas for You – Part 2

Noelet us start with some of the amazing ideas we are going to becovering today below:

1. Website Designing

You can take a very goodadvantage of civilization and modern technology to make more moneybecause these days website designers are extremely in demand bycorporate organizations, government agencies NGOs as some of them arewilling to pay big to get their website designed. Some of them arealso looking for website developers because some of them need toupdate the information on their sites.

Tips: Make sure you don’t price yourself too cheap and make sure you get the required training. A website designing course can take a week or two; if you can browse the net very well, there is a lot of FREE software’s online that can guide you through a complete step-by-step on how to design a website, all you have to do is to search for them and learn more.

2. PartyEquipment Rentals

Nowadays, renting party equipment’s has become big business particularly in many major big cities. Part equipment’s like: Canopies, chairs, stage platform, ice block, drums, cooking utensils, table cloth and other party equipment are really in hot demand by party organizers because there is hardly a weekend when parties are not held.

Best Small Business Ideas for You – Part 3

The first step you needto take is to find out the fees charged for the different items youwish to start renting out and for how long. Then next, you shouldinvestigate the cost of making or buying some of these items.

The amount you make isdirectly related to the number of customers you have for yourbusiness. A dozen of plastic chairs is being rented out at the rateof between N300to N400per dozen using Nigerian naira as a case study, while double canopiesgoes for N800each depending on your location thou.

3. Yam FlourProduction

Yam flour which isprocessed through the processes of grinding, drying, parboiling,drying and pulverization process can turn into a huge business thatcan generate good income for you.

Processed yam flour is asimple devise for the preservation of yam and making them availableat our meals table all year round. Also, it enhances the storageprocess and the movement of the product.

Meanwhile, thepreservation process may be supplemented with the usage of chemicalpreservative, which are common in Nigeria markets.

4. Flour Milling

There is a huge consumption of bread and other bakery products such as biscuits, chin-chin, gala, meat pie, among others which have succeeded in creating a huge market for the wheat flour industry, and it is also continually expanding by the day because of the fact that these items have come to be accepted as part of our dietary need either as food or as snacks, which is taken in between meals.

Flour milling is nothowever restricted to wheat processing alone, several Nigerianscereals and tuber crops are being milled and preserved to powderyflavor, so as to enhance their industry uses and preserve their shelflife for domestic purposes.

Some of these productsincludes but not limited to the following: corn flour, cassava flour,millet flour etc. Processing them into flour and bagging themtherefore holds great prospects, considering the fact that theseagricultural raw materials are locally sourced. Flour enjoysextensive usage in the bakery, brewing, confectionery, pharmaceuticalas well as the food processing sectors of the economy.

Therefore I encourage you take this great opportunity and establish your business in floor mining.

5. Create anE-Book

Your hobby or skills canactually fetch money for your needs. For instance, If you have somespecial and extensive knowledge about a particular hobby, activity orskill, then put it to use and write about it. Maybe you know severaldifferent ways to tie knots. Maybe you are really good at makinghomemade Christmas decorations etc. because there must be somethingspecial you must be definitely very good at therefore put it to useand earn money from it.

It might even be thatyou have extensive knowledge about taking care of a sick loved one,some special tricks in preparing meals for large or small families.

Writeabout them and sell them in exchange for money. You can also evenupload them online on some e-book online stores where people can buyand download from. You can search for the stores online for moreinformation.

This is where we will be wrapping up today’s part of the topic. Watch out for the continuation on our next discussion and don’t forget to also go through our previous discussions on the same topic for more information.

Youare also encouraged to share this article with your loved ones iffound useful enough for them as we cannot reach everyone at the sametime.

Feelfree to also use the comment box below to ask your questions, dropyour suggestions, opinions or ideas and they will all be attended to.

Thankyou and see you on the “Part – 4”


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