Chioma and Her Ugly StepMother (Chapter 2)

Chioma and Her Ugly StepMother

By: Ben Akponine – Samuel

Chapter 2

The following day, in the kitchen, Ngozi had thrown out a dirty slap across Chioma’s face for carelessly sprinkling water on the floor while she was doing the dishes.

“How many times do I have to tell u not to let water drop on the tiles. Do you want to cause problem? Don’t you know somebody can sleep and fall dangerously? Why are so deliberately wicked?” Ngozi raved.

Chioma was stunned as she nursed her face that had quickly welted. Her father came to the kitchen upon hearing the noise. He demanded what was going on.

“It’s this your wicked child that you are supporting. Look at the floor, she deliberately poured water there so somebody will slip and fall. And I have told her against it many times”; Ngozi said. It was not true; Chioma had never received such warning before.

“Chioma, are you a child? Why would you do that? Don’t you have common sense? Come on go and mop the floor before I deal with you,” her father yelled at her

Crestfallen, Chioma hurriedly mopped the floor. She knew she had lost her father to his wife and from that moment, the thought of   running away began to form in her mind.

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Ngozi was relentless in making Chioma miserable and the more badly she treated the girl; the stronger her resolve to run away became. And that day, when Ngozi had sent her to buy foodstuffs, she had taken that opportunity to abscond. She went to the motor park instead and boarded a bus to the city.

Chioma’s father was very worried that his daughter was nowhere to be found. Many thought ran through his mind and he was troubled. That night, Ngozi began to tell him that he could see how he had spoilt his daughter that she had to run away with money she was sent to buy foodstuffs for the family.

‘’She is a thief and you know what becomes of children who begin to steal at such a young age. They end up becoming menace,” she said.

But her husband was not paying attention to her. He went out that night to every possible place he thought she could be but he did not find her. He was very unhappy. The next day, he reported at the police station and he went to all the hospitals in the town but she was not there.

“She had obviously run away” Ngozi said to him when he returned home dispirited.

And it is all your fault. Why would she run away if she was happy? He said to his wife. Ngozi was shocked. Are you blaming me for your useless child’s running away? She asked.

‘’My child is not useless and yes, I am blaming you because you did not treat her like a daughter,’’ he yelled at her.

“Maybe you did not treat her like your own daughter. Why were you not defending her if you thought I was maltreating her? Why did you not act like a man and tell me that instead of now looking for where to point fingers,” she fired at him.

They had a serious quarrel.

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