Classified Advertising

Classified Advertising

Today, we are going to bediscussing about classified advertising and what role they playtowards the growth and performance of your business.

First and foremost, we need to understand what classified advertising is actually all about before knowing how to go about using them to promote our bands.

According to Wikipedia, Classified advertising can be defined as a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge.

Smallclassified ads have been widely identified as a very significantsource of customers for many small businesses and the amazing part isthat whether you seek local customers who read weekly shoppers, orwant to woo customers online with ads in search engines or socialmedia,a nice blog niche, a good headline and a couple of lines oftext can get customers to do business with you.

In today’s digital world,assuming you need to find someone to repair your computer, write aresume, fix your dishwasher etc. what do you do and how do youintend to find the right person for the job?

There is a chance thatyou will look at classified ads in one form or another to find aservice provider to get the work done. You may get to see the adsfrom online or a weekly town newspaper.

Meanwhile no matter whatmedia that the classified ads were viewed through, these small textads are a significant source of customers for many home-based andsmall businesses.

Aninexpensive three-line ad placed in print, in an online yellow pagesad, or through search engines can deliver customers who need yourproduct or service now.

More importantly, if the ad is run regularly, it builds a future business by making your name familiar and establishing your credibility.

You can place your classified Ads with us by clicking “Place New Ad” on the menu bar of our website to fill in the details of your classified listings.

Classified Advertising
How Advertising Lifts your Business above the Crowd

Statisticsof Classified Advertising and Reasons why you need it

In2003 the market for classified ads in the United States was $15.9billion (newspapers), $14.1 billion (online) according to marketresearcher Classified Intelligence. The worldwide market forclassified ads in 2003 was estimated at over $100 billion. Perhapsdue to the lack of a standard for reporting, market statistics varyconcerning the total market for internet classified ads. The KelseyResearch Group listed onlineclassified ads as being worth $13.3 billion, while JupiterResearch provided a conservative appraisal of $2.6 billion as of2005[and the InteractiveAdvertising Bureau listed the net worth of online classifiedrevenue at $2.1 billion as of April 2006.

Newspaper’s revenue fromclassifieds advertisements is decreasing continually as internetclassifieds grow. Classified advertising at some of the largernewspaper chains dropped by 14% to 20% in 2007, while traffic toclassified sites grew by 23%.

Asthe online classified advertising sector develops, there is anincreasing emphasis toward specialization. Verticalmarkets for classifieds are developing quickly along with thegeneral marketplace for classifieds websites. Like searchengines, classified websites are often specialized, with sitesproviding advertising platforms for nichemarkets of buyers or sellers.



HowTo Use Classified Ads To Build Your Business

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