Factors Contributing to the Rise of Consumer Movements

The consumer movement is not a present-day activity; it existed before 1900. However, the modern-day movement has been more pronounced because there is more disposable income, and also because the whole world has become a global village, thus facilitating interaction among nations easily.

In addition, people are enlightened now more than before; thus, they are aware of their rights and tasks. Hence, consumerism stemmed, broadly, from cultural changes and consumer discontent and frustrations.

Here, let us look at some factors.

There is a dramatic shift in the social and economic goals of consumers these days. Today, consumers are more sensitive to social and environmental needs, because:

I) Consumers are well-informed and enlightened,

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II) Consumers have additional incomes to carter for their needs,

III) We are now in the era of technological breakthroughs, thus, the whole world is now a global village.

There are institutional structures to support both the government and group of individuals in support of the movement of consumerism; for example in Nigeria, we have agencies like Consumer Protection Council, NAFDAC etc.

People globally support consumerism through:

  • Social critical writings
  • Consumer-oriented legislations
  • Consumers’ organizations
  • Professional agitation.

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