Indomie: Instant Noodle – Recipes, Nutrition and Health Benefits

Indomie covers a wide range of products as a brand, it’s an Indonesian noodle production company, although the indomie is just a part company of the main Indofood company also known as Indofood Suskes Makmur Tbk.

However, the indomie noodles over the years have become a household name in West Africa especially in Nigeria, consumed by both adults and children.

You should know that indomie noodle production in Nigeria dates back to the ’90s when it started. And now known as the biggest noodle producer in Africa.

It is also distributed in bulks throughout the continent; Asia, Africa, Europe, and many more.

Today the instant noodle popularly known as indomie noodles (indomie noodles near me) has been able to capture the hearts of most Nigerians and also become a household name.

Although, other products are being produced by indomie. The instant noodle can be prepared in a variety of different ways which we’ll be highlighting in this article.

In this article, we’ll be listing several delicious recipes of this indomie and also how they can be prepared in a few simple steps.

Hot Indomie Recipes You Should Try

If you haven’t tried any of these recipes, then you must try them.

(i) Indomie and Egg

(ii) Noodles with Eggs and Vegetables

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How to Cook Indomie Recipes

Indomie: Instant Noodle – Recipes, Nutrition and Health Benefits

When preparing the indomie noodle, some ingredients are attached to it, but they can not alone make your noodles taste better.

(1) Indomie and Egg Recipe

However, there are numerous ways in which the indomie noodle and egg can be prepared but to get the best taste we recommend you follow the steps below.

Step1: First, make sure all ingredients are in place; 2 fresh tomatoes, sliced onions, fresh pepper, eggs, 50ml vegetable oil, two super packs of indomie noodles, the process is very simple.

Step2: Unwrap your indomie noodles and break them into two in a bowl and pour boiled water into it, that set aside for it to get soft.

Step3: While waiting, make sure you slice your onions and pepper, also break your eggs, and keep them for a predefined time.

Step4: Next, set your frying pan on the heat, and add your sliced and pepper waiting for 3minutes, don’t fry it much.

Step5: Now, check if your wet noodle has become soft, drain the water from the noodle, and add the standard indomie ingredient in the pack into the drained indomie.

Step6: Pour your egg into your drained noodle and stir together, and then transfer to the frying pan.

Step7: Stir for about five minutes and your indomie and egg recipe is done.

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(2) Indomie and Vegetable Recipe

Here, we’ll be showing you how you can make the indomie noodle with carrots, green beans, and cooked eggs.

Step1: The ingredients required to prepare are; 2 eggs, 1 cup of diced carrot, 1/2 cup of chopped green bean, 200g of noodles, and the standard indomie pack ingredients.

Step2: Now, set a pot on heat and add two cups of water(allow it to boil)

Step3: Slice your carrots and chop the green beans and mix them in a bowl.

Step4: Boil your eggs separately, deshell, and set them aside.

Step5: Next, pour your carrot and green bean mixture and your noodles into the boiling water and allow them to boil.

Step6: Allow cooking for 3 minutes, add the standard noodle pack ingredients and allow it to cook for another one minute.

Step7: Stir together and serve with the boiled eggs.

Indomie Noodle Nutrition

Indomie: Instant Noodle – Recipes, Nutrition and Health Benefits

Instant noodles (indomie ramen, indomie mi goreng, etc.) contain tons of nutrients, and these nutrients are highly needed for the proper development and maintenance of our bodies.

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Vitamin B
  • Carbohydrates
  • Calories
  • Fat
  • Calcium
  • Folic acid
  • Iron
  • Thiamine, e.t.c.

All these vitamins and minerals are essential and should also be the reason why you should add Indomie Noodle to your diet.

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Good Reasons Why You Should Eat Noodles(Indomie)

Indomie noodle is not just a sweet appetizer, but also provide lots of health benefits which is needed by our body. 

So below are the health benefits of the indomie noodle (this is based on our research).

(1) Good For Reducing Cholesterol

noodles possess the most cholesterol, but when egg yolks are removed during preparation, cholesterol is eliminated with it.

Although noodles contain cholesterol when eggs without the yolk are added to the indomie during preparation, it tends to eliminate cholesterol.

(2) For Weight Loss

However, some noodles are produced from yam like the shirataki noodle, they have no calories and carbohydrates. 

Also, they come pre-cooked, loss programs are recommended to consume shirataki noodles since it enhances weight loss efforts.

(3) Highly nutritious

The indomie instant noodle is enriched with so many important vitamins and minerals needed by our body to function and grow well.

It contains notable amounts of niacin, folic acid, iron, and thiamin.

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Noodles also contain fiber and protein content, consuming noodles regularly provides the body with a sufficient nutrient supply, for optimal functioning.

(4) Cures Constipation

Eating soba noodles and shirataki noodles, which are examples of noodles with high fiber content helps to ease bowel movements.

Some noodles might be of great assistance to people with constipation problems. Eat these noodles together with prune juice or prune sauce helps to enhance constipation relieving effect.

(5) Provide essential nutrients

Although different brands of instant noodles contain different nutrients. There are some health benefits of instant noodles, which is due to the essential nutrients it provides to the body.

Some noodle brands fortify instant noodles with manganese and Vitamin B complex vitamins, like riboflavin and thiamine. 

A 2011 study of more than 6000 instant noodle consumers showed that they had a 31% greater intake of thiamine and a 16% higher intake of riboflavin than those who did not consume instant noodles.

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