Main Goals of Advertising and Marketing

Marketing is the exceptionalmanner to talk to the Clients/Customers. advertising and marketing help informthe customers about the manufacturers available in the market and the type ofproducts useful to them. advertising is for everybody including kids, old andyoung. it is done using numerous media types, with different techniques andstrategies most suited.

Let us take a look on the maintargets and significance of advertising.

Objectivesof Advertising

There are basically 4 mainobjectives of advertising which we are going to be discussing about today andthey include the following:

i.          Trial

ii.         Continuity

iii.        Brand switch

iv.        Switching back

Let’s take a look on thesevarious types of objectives.

1.         Trial: Theorganizations which can be in their introduction stage normally work for thisobjective. The trial goal is the one which includes convincing the customers toshop for the new product introduced in the market. here, the advertisers useflashy and attractive ads to make customers take a look on the products and buyfor trials.

2.         Continuity: Thisgoal is concerned about keeping the existing clients to stick on to theproduct. The advertisers here normally keep on bringing something new in theproduct and the advertisement so that the existing customers will maintainbuying their products.

3.         Brand Switch: Thisobjective is basically for those companies who need to attract the customers ofthe competitors. here, the advertisers attempt to convince the customers tointerchange from the existing brand they are using to their product.

4.         Switching Back: Thisobjective is for the companies who need their previous customers back, who haveswitched to their competitors. The advertisers use unique approaches to drawthe customers back like discount sale, new advertisements, some reworkingcarried out on packaging, etc.

Basically, advertising andmarketing is a very inventive way of communicating with the customers. theprimary characteristics one should have to get on their objectives areexcellent communication skills and very good convincing power.

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