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Mexican Spices – Complete Guide to Spike Up your Meals

Mexican spices are a very important element of Mexican cuisine that goes a long way beyond the seasoning. Some diverse complex dishes and stews rely heavily on just the right combination of spices.

Spices can also be often be found in baked goods like the sweet aroma of anise in a soft.

Now when making use of spices, it is better to properly grind them yourself if possible because spices you buy at the grocery store can not be compared to the ones you grind yourself but that doesn’t mean that they are bad.

The flavor of the freshly ground spices is far better and above the ground ones, you can buy at the grocery store although not always.

Regarding the list of spices, the following are spices list of the most commonly used spices in Mexican cuisine

(1) Achiote

The seeds of this achiote are dried and ground to powder or made into a paste, its flavors are tasty and earthy.

It is the most used spice in the cuisine to Yucatan, Mexico, and used in savory dishes and stews.

(2) All Spices

According to research, this includes the dried unripe fruit of the pimento digital tree natural to southern Mexico and Central America.

It also has the flavor cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg combined and it can be made together with those same spices.

All spices are mostly used in central and southern Mexico and seed-based sauces.

(3) Anise

It is the seed of a flowery plant native to the eastern Mediterranean region and southeast Asia. Anise tea was given to babies in the past to calm their folic.

It combines well with cinnamon and vanilla in Mexico and is mostly used in cakes, cookies, and sweetbreads. It is also one of the ingredients of mole.

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(4) Chili Powder

In Mexico, chile powder is normally used as a condiment to flavor fruits and vegetables or as an ingredient in candy.

Whole dried chips are used instead to make savory dishes.

(5) Mexican Bay Leaf

Mexican Bay Leaf is the dried leaves of an ever-green shrubs nature to Mexico. Its smell or flavor is slightly floral, herbal, and a little bit bitter in similar to marjoram.

It is expensive in soups, stew, sloths, and rice in Mexico. The Mexican bay leaf is used for religious purposes and is medicinal.

(6) Mexican Oregano

According to research,the flowery plant in verbena family nature to the southern United States Mexico oregano has a pungent flavor with citrus and hints of licorice.

Mexican oregano is quite different from Mexican Mediterranean oregano, so you have to be careful and make sure the label says Mexican oregano when purchasing it.

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What does Mexican spice contain?

Well, the main factor that is making Mexican food to be so irresistible is that it is a blend of different cultures.

It is a blend of spices, seasoning, and vibrant colors that create a beautiful presentation.

A lot of the traditional Mexican dishes or meals still represent their deep, pre-Hispanic origin and making them unique.

Ingredients mostly used in Mexican Cooking

Mexican Spices - Complete Guide to Spike Up your Meals

The commonest and most popular Mexican ingredients are limes, avocado, rice, and beans.

They make use of them in almost every dish from hearty enchilada casserole to creamy drinks like horchata.

The following are some Mexican Foods:

(1) Sweet tamales

(2) Popular Mexican snack of Dorilocos

(3) Mexican machetes dish

(4) Chilaquiles mexican dish

(5) Authentic Mexican tacos

(6) Traditional Mexican quesadilla

The following are also Mexican Spices that can help to spice up your meals:

(1) Paprika

(2) Chili powder

(3) Onion powder

(4) Mexican oregano

(5) Cinnamon

(6) Garlic powder

(7) Coriander

(8) Cumin

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Garlic is among one of the rare and most common Mexican spices.

Garlic can be found in fresh, jarred, or powdered form. It’s normally incorporated into salsa and taco seasoning.

The most common meal in Mexican according to researchers is salsa habanera or hot habanero salsa.

Without adding spices condiments, many Mexican dishes could be classified as blond.

Mulling Spices

What are mulling spices? Mulling spices is made up of a combination of spices, it’s spice combination varies but it usually consists of nutmegs, allspice, cloves, and cinnamon, it’s usually include dried fruit.

Mulling spices is a spice mixture that is normally used in drink recipes and as a flavor or fragrance which can either be bought or pre-packaged.

A mulled drink is a drink that has been prepared with this spice; mulled wine, and wassail.

Legally mulled wine is a flavored beverage containing wine, made rapidly from red or white and sweetened.

To add alcohol, water or coloring is not allowed and is therefore prohibited.

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Aspen mulling spices

According to research, the aspen mulling spices originated in 1970 as a delicious drink served to people in hot and steaming jars as a gesture of showing hospitality just add to apple cider, wine, tea, or brandy.

However, there are different mulling spices for cider, mulling spices for wine and other mulling spices recipes.

Meanwhile, these spices are good for hot and cold drinks.

Here is how to spice up your apple cider

(1) Heat it up

(2) Add a dash of cinnamon

(3) Better still add a cinnamon stitch

(4) Sprinkle in some orange zest

(5) Pour it over a chai tea bag

(6) Top with whipped cream

(7) Pour in some caramel

(8) Spice things up

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