Micro Environmental Variables in Marketing System

Three environmental variables are directly a part of a company’s marketing system, but external to the company. These are the firm’s market, suppliers, and marketing intermediaries. They are also classified as Non-controllable Variables. However, they can be influenced, to a greater degree, than the macro-variables.

A marketing manager, for example, may be able to exert some pressure on its suppliers or middlemen; and through its advertisement, a firm will be able to influence its potential and prospective buyers on the goods and services offered in the market.

Today, business management is increasingly realizing the wisdom and benefits of applying the systems concept to marketing. A marketing system is an interacting set of institutions, activities, and flows designed to facilitate exchange transactions between an organization and its markets.

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A company operates its marketing forces within a framework of ever-changing forces that constitute the system’s environment. Some of these systems are internal, while some are external to the company. A company’s success depends on the ability of its management to manage its marketing system regarding its internal and external environmental variables.

Micro Environmental Variables in Marketing System

Marketing activities are being carried out in a dynamic environment, whereby marketing executives have little or no influence on these dynamic changes.

Some of our previous articles have exposed you to uncontrollable variables such as technology, competition, political and legal, environment, etc., as they affect marketing activities. The unit also considers internal variables such as product, price, place, and product.

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