Protect Personal Account Data With a Credit Card Wallet


Identity theft is a real problem in the world today, but the right credit card wallet can offer protection for your personal information from thieves who want to access your data and money. Nothing is more valuable than your account information, personal identification, and your money. You may think the worst thing that can happen is a thief stealing the cash from your pocket but stealing credit card information can destroy your life in many different ways.

How Do Thieves Get Information From Your Credit Card? 

Unscrupulous people who want to steal your personal financial information and money access it from credit cards or debit cards in one of three main ways. Unfortunately, a large part of this problem comes from irresponsible use on the part of the credit card holder. Make sure you exercise care whenever you are out shopping or buying products at e-commerce sites online. Paying attention to your surroundings and your Internet activity always tops the list of improving security.

1 – Direct Access or Finding Paperwork – If you wave your credit card around at the gas station, grocery store, or local boutique, a thief lying in wait may be able to see your number or take a picture of it easily. The same direct access happens if you throw out your personal financial paperwork without shredding it first. You also essentially hand over your information to scammers if you click on or respond to a phishing email or text message.

2 – Spyware and Public Network Search — Never enter your personal identification or credit card details on a public Wi-Fi network or a system that has been compromised by spyware. This is why it is so important to scan your home computer regularly in search for malware and only shop on secure sites.

3 – Skimming and Shimming — These are the methods used to take your information directly from your credit cards out in public. Thieves set up scanners at gas stations, ATMs, or use handheld ones to access information while they walk by. New chip technology helps stop this type of theft, but add an RFID blocking card holder makes it virtually impossible.

What Is a Credit Card Wallet? 

There are multiple ways to look at the idea of credit card wallets also know as minimalist wallets. The most basic definition is simply a minimalist wallet that can hold one or more credit cards or debit cards. This wallet description usually applies to debit cards as well.  Most people have multiple cards that they are carrying, folded bills and receipts  with them all the time. These may be from major credit companies like MasterCard and Visa, their own bank or credit union, specific gas stations, or represent individual brands.

No matter where your cards come from or what you use them to buy, you need a safe credit card wallet, also know as a minimalist wallet, to store them all. You do not want a big, bulky wallet in your pocket when you go out with friends or on a quick shopping trip. Sleek, modern designs still offer plenty of room to keep your credit cards safe. The last word is the most important. Credit card wallets or minimalist wallets are specially designed to stop skimmers from automatically reading the chip information in your card and messing up your personal finance and credit score.

Choose the Best Wallets for Men’s and Women’s Safety  

How do you ultimately decide what the best minimalist wallet is for safety when it comes to your personal and financial data? If you are like most people, security is just one feature you need. Consider all these characteristics as you shop for a card holder for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about.

1 – Safety – As mentioned above, security comes first. You need a credit card holder that keeps your information safe. These are designed with the latest blocking technology with metal inserts or plates between the outside world and your cards. Other handy features that improve the security of your  identification, money, and credit cards include secure slots, pockets, snaps, and internal mechanisms that help keep your important items from falling out.

2 – Many Styles – You do not want to carry around an ugly, outdated, or awkward wallet. Luckily, Conceal Plus carries a wide range of attractive and slim wallets options that suit men and women perfectly. Consider a smooth black leather option or something more fun like pink camo or Saffiano green.

3 – Size – Your credit card wallet should fit in your front pocket or purse without trouble. However, it is also important that it has enough space inside to handle all your cards, identification, space to carry cash or folded bills, or other belongings like a train ticket, business cards or receipts in internal pockets. After all, you cannot compromise all of your convenience and comfort for safety’s sake in a slim wallet.

No Credit Card Wallet Can Protect You From Everything

As wonderful as the technology for protecting credit card information is today, nothing is 100% safe and effective. Even with the best credit card wallet in your pocket or purse, you may still end up a victim of identity theft. These tips will help you keep personal data safe when you are shopping online or visiting stores.·

Never give your personal data or financial information to anyone.

·        Always shop at reputable shops with secure payment processing features.

·        Do not use your credit card at a shop if someone is hovering very closely.

·        Always use an credit card wallet with RFID protection features to minimize remote scanning risk.

·        Check your credit card statements, bank accounts, and credit reports frequently.

You can protect your personal data and your future financial accounts if you use a credit card wallet with the latest scan-blocking technology. If you search, there are many of these available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and price points to suit your needs and personal taste. We at Conceal Plus offer slim lightweight bifold and trifold card holders designed without an id window in a wide array of durable quality materials and colors to choose from. Most importantly, you can rest assured that your debit account, cash carry and credit cards are protected in the best way possible using rifd blocking credit card holders.


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