Stray Kids Members: All You Need to Know About Them

Stray Kids Members

StrayKids: Seuteurei Kijeu, often abbreviated as SKZ) is aSouth Korean Boy Band formed by JYP Entertainment throughthe 2017 reality show of the same name. The group is composedof eight (8) members and they include: Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin,Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

Originallya nine-piece group, member Woojin left Stray Kids due to undisclosedpersonal reasons in October 2019. Meanwhile, The group released theirExtended play Mix-tapein January 2018 and officially debuted on March 25 with I AmNot.

Formedin 2017, Stray Kids or best known as SKZ is predicted to be one ofthe most promising boyband in South Korea. This year, SKZ has beennominated in several awards and won New Hallyu Rookie Awards in 2018.

Thisboy-band was created by JYP Entertainment through a reality show withthe same name. Consists of 9 handsome boys, mostly born in late 90sor early 00s, Stray Kids has stolen people’s heart with theircharm.

Theirfans are called Stay which is derived from the word straywithout r. The letter ‘r’ stands for the word ‘reason’.It is said that the reason of Stray Kids’ existence is Stay,or their fans. Their slogan is ‘STAY where Stray Kids Stay’. Thisarticle will reveal Stray Kids members profile and their trivia.

History of Stray Kids

2017–2018: Formation through a reality show, debut and I Am series

In August 2017, JYP Entertainment (JYPE) officially announced the agency’s new reality survival show to launch a male idol debut project. More details and teasers were released in the next two months, including the show’s title Stray Kids.

Prior toits premiere on October 17, JYPE released Stray Kids’ first musicvideo for a song titled “Hellevator”, which was laterreleased as a digital single. Two members, Lee Know and Felix, wereeliminated fromthe group, but all nine members ended up in the final line-up.

Alongwith the launch of Stray Kids’ official website, JYPE announced therelease of the group’s pre-debut extendedplay (EP) titled Mix-tape.It contains seven tracks co-written and co-composed by the members,including “Hellevator” and other songs that they performedduring the show.

The EP,along with the performance video of its second track titled “Beware”was released on January 8, 2018, while the performance video of“Spread My Wings” was uploaded online a week later. Itdebuted at number 2 on Gaon’s Album Chart and Billboard’s worldAlbums chart.

On March5, JYPE announced the debut showcase of the group titled Stray KidsUnveil (Op. 01: I Am Not), which was held on March 25 at JangechungArena. They officially debuted the next day with the release oftheir EP titled I Am Not along with the music video of itstitle track titled “District 9”, while the music video of“Grow Up” and performance video of “Mirror” werereleased on March 31 and April 23 respectively.

I AmNot debuted at number four on Gaon’s Album Chart and sold over54,000 physical copies in March.

On April14, Stray Kids performed at KCON Japan 2018, the group’s firstoverseas performance since debut.

On July12, JYPE announced the group’s second showcase titled Stray KidsUnveil (Op. 02: I Am Who), which was held on August 5 at Kyung HeeUniversity’s Grand Peace Palace. Their second EP named I am Who,along with its title track “My Pace”, was released the nextday

On October 4, JYPE announced the group’s third showcase titled Stray Kids Unveil (Op. 03: I Am You), which was held on October 21 at Olympic Hall, and followed by the release of their new album EP I Am You the next day.

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2019—Present: Touring, Clé series and Woojin’s departure

On March5, JYPE announced the group’s third comeback on March 25, 2019 withthe release of their fourth extended play, in commemoration of thefirst anniversary of the group’s debut.

The groupearned their first music show win on 4 April on M Countdownfor the album’s lead single, “Miroh.” On June 19, the groupreleased their first special album along with title track “SideEffects” between the American leg and the European leg of theirfirst world tour.

Stray Kids released a digital single titled “Double Knot” on October 9 and also announced their District 9 Unlock World Tour starting from November 23–24 at Olympic Hall, Seoul, South Korea, with their fifth extended play Clé: Levanter, initially announced for release on November 25. However, on October 28, JYPE announced that Woojin had left the group due to personal circumstances, and the release of Clé: Levanter was delayed to December 9 as a result.

On November 13, the group released the music video for “Astronaut,” their first single without Woojin and as an eight-member group. On December 9, Stray Kids released Cle: Levanter.

Stray Kids Members
Stray Kids Members

Different Endorsements of Stray Kids

Before the official debut of Stray Kids, the nine members were chosen as new models to endorse Jambangee Jeans in 2018, which was announced on February 13 with the brand’s spring collection. On June 26, they were selected as an exclusive model of Ivy Club for the 2018 Fall semester.

On July 19, they received for the first set of their CF with Minute Maid Sparkling. Five days after their first CF, they were selected to be promotional models for CGV “Youth Brand Festival” from July 24 to August 31.September 19, Stray Kids has been chosen as the newest ambassador of Lotte Duty Free.

It was announced at Lotte Duty free official you-tube and Instagram accounts October 16, Stray Kids became the new model of the Korean sportswear brand “Pro-Specs”On June 17, 2019, Stray Kids was chosen as the newest ambassador of Talk Talk Korea Contest in 2019, and June 18, they were appointed as an honorary ambassador by the Korean Culture and Information Service, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

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Members of Stray Kids and their Roles


  • Bang Chan – leader, producer, vocalist, dancer, rapper
  • Lee Know – dancer, rapper, vocalist
  • Changbin – rapper, producer
  • Hyunjin – dancer, rapper
  • Han – rapper, vocalist, producer
  • Felix – dancer, rapper
  • Seungmin – vocalist
  • I.N – voca

Stray Kids Members Profile (Name / Ages / Birthday / Height)

Stage Names Real Names Age Date of Birth Height
Woojin Kim Woo Jin 21 April 8th, 1997 174 cm
Seungmin Kim Seung Min 18 September 22th, 2000 175 cm
Lee Know Lee Min Ho 19 October 25th, 1998 172 cm
I.N Yang Jeong In 17 February 8th, 2001 172 cm
Han Han Ji Sung 18 September 14th, 2000 169 cm
Felix Lee Felix 18 September 15th, 2000 171 cm
Changbin Seo Chang Bin 19 August 11th, 1999 167 cm
Changbin Hwang Hyun Jin 18 March 20th, 2000 179 cm
Bang Chan Christopher Bang 21 October 3rd, 1997 171 cm

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