The 8 Importance of Business Intelligence

Today we are going to be discussing about the importance of business intelligence but first we need to understand what business intelligence means so let’s start with the definition of business intelligence.

Business intelligence can be defined as the strategies and technologies used by companies to analyze data and business information.

In more simple terms, it allows businesses to have access to information vital to succeed in multiple areas whether it is with regards to sales, marketing, finance, or any other division.

Meanwhile using technology, the right business intelligence (BI) solutions will empower your organization with more actionable data, providing greater insights and facilitating more strategic decision making.

Now let us look at the 8 importance of business intelligence towards the growth of your business below.

Here are just a few examples of insights and advantages that can be provided through business intelligence:


HRis empowered with the ability to track employee productivity withperformance scores, tools for tracking compensation and payroll, aswell as analysis of employee satisfaction.


BItools can help not only track budgets, but give visual insights intofinancial data, potential problem areas, and overall business health.


BIcan help improve sales performance drastically through visualizingthe sales cycle, displaying conversion and churn rates, tracking thepipeline, total revenue, and more.


Viewall marketing campaigns in one place so you can track engagement andperformance, as well as trends, cost per lead, website traffic, andanalytics.

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Now What does Business Intelligence actually helps you to accomplish?

The 8 Importance of Business Intelligence

TheImportance of Business Intelligence

In the world of government, intelligence is essential for gaining the information needed to make key decisions.

With that being said, let us look at the important reasons why business intelligence is very important and the things it can help you accomplish below:

1.BI turns data into usable information. Raw data doesn’t tell uswhat to do in business all on its own. BI systems allow forcomprehensive analysis of data to identify important trends that canbe used to modify or implement strategic plans and to understand theinterconnections between different functions and facets of yourbusiness.

2.BI improves the visibility of core business components. BI makes iteasier to see each component part of your business, including thosethat are often overlooked. Consequently, you can more easily identifycomponents that need improvement and to make changes.

3.Business intelligence brings a better return on investment forbusinesses. The reasoning behind this is simple. The more businessesget an insight into the workings, trends and analytics of theirbusiness processes, the more aware they are. This strategic awarenessleads to faster reporting, lowering the operating costs etc and canhelp produce products that match the requirements of the consumers.

BIhelps kick in a more effective process or way of working for thebusiness. This in turn directly affects the revenue generation of abusiness.

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4.BI improves your understanding of consumer behavior. BI analysisallows you to track global, regional, and local consumption patternsto better understand current trends. This, in turn, allows you todevelop and deliver products and services that anticipate marketneeds.

5.BI improves your marketing and sales intelligence. By keeping trackof data about your clients and customers, BI allows you to understandhow they interact with your organization at a deeper level so you canidentify solutions to consumer issues and better reach your customerswith targeted messages to increase sales.

6.BI improves productivity. BI makes the process of analyzing andinterpreting data faster and more efficient, giving you the power tounderstand business data as quickly as it comes in, and it allows youto generate reports with the simple click of a mouse. This give youand your employees more time to devote to running your businessrather than analyzing it.

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7.Reduce & Manage Risks

BIenables a business to get access to details insights and analyticsabout the business. This data helps them identify risks and elementsthat set them back or are not efficient in growing the business. Onceyou are able to identify the risks to your business and the thingsthey are associated with, it becomes easy for the management toeliminate and effectively manage these risks.

Althoughthis can be time-consuming, it can have fruitful results over alonger period of time. In the bigger picture, identifying andanalyzing risks can help make better and more informed decisions.

8.Gaining Competitive Edge

Apart from being an important contributor in the decision-making process, BI also helps you gain a competitive edge over competitors in your market by keeping you constantly updated on the current market trends. By knowing the trends that are prevalent in your industry, your business and make informed decisions that will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

BIis an excellent analytical tool that is used by businesses tosucceed. Business intelligence is a blessing for businesses byidentifying not only the effective bits of the strategy in questionbut also faults that are affecting your business.

Businessintelligence enables organizations to manage vital businessinformation in a smart way. After going through this article you musthave known the benefits of business intelligence. This clearlyreflects why business intelligence is needed.

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Am certain that after going through this article, you are now aware of the importance of business intelligence towards the success and growth of any business.

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