Today’s Debate Topic: Major ways by which Marketing and Integrity can influence your Product

Our Today’s Debate is going tobe centered on the major ways by which marketing your products can influencetheir performance and sales.

Have you ever attended to anyclient that told you something like this: “Sir/Ma, I want to buy this stufffrom you because a friend of mine referred me to you”?

If yes then, this is one ofthe things that marketing and integrity does to your products or services. If youtreat your first customer right with full sincerity, the tendency that the sameperson can refer up to 10 more clients to you is there.

Have you ever experienced thisand what was the experience like?

Is my own opinion True orFalse?

Now let us discuss:

What is your “Opinion” onthis?

Let us learn from each other!

You can share your opinion andsuggestions with us using the comment form below!

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