Towel Warmers and How they are Mostly Used

Towel warmers help to keep the towels, coats, and clothes warm and dry. Towel warmers aid in reducing mildew by drying the towels more rapidly by keeping them fresh. 

Towel warmers accelerate the drying of wet outerwear, like coats and gloves which makes towel warmers more considered for mudrooms and laundry rooms. 

Towel warmers also help to regulate the temperature and the mold-inducing dampness. 

If the room is not that big you can go for a towel warmer instead of going for a radiator to save more space and energy. 

Towel warmers have a very low energy consumption unit, therefore towel warmers do not require a lot of electricity but most of the time the cost for electricity varies depending on the price of electricity in your area. 

Towel warmers also help to heat the bathroom, they will heat just fine with a slow warming time as long as it saves them money while for other people it is very important to have a towel warmer that heats up very quickly. 

You can put a damp towel into a towel warmer, what you need to do is to just use the damp/wet or pre-moistened towels in your towel warmer, you can also need to twist and squeeze them very well before putting it in in in inside the towel warmer.

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The main reason why you need to twist and squeeze the towel before putting it inside the towel warmer is that if you put a dry towel inside the towel warmer, you will be taking the risk of a fire outbreak in the case that the towel gets too dried out in the towel warmer.

Also, you have to put into consideration, the number of towels that you hang on the towel warmer.

If you want to use the towel warmer for a family bathroom or family use, then you have to go for a larger multi-rack warmer that can hold plenty of towels but if it is just one towel, then pick a smaller model.

Towel warmers are normally available in different sizes, types, styles, and even mounts. They serve as an extra heat source for your bathroom dries your towels faster and aid in reducing mildew.

They are usually two main types of towel warmers which are mostly determined by their installation type hydronic and electric. 

A hydronic towel warmer normally works on hot water to produce heat, just like a radiator, water that is produced from the existing hot water runs through the rails of the warmer to provide an energy-efficient heat. 

Hydronic towel warmers are extremely and very energy efficient, there is no visible wire, it uses existing plumbing, it does not necessarily need to be installed near an outlet, and the heating element can be replaced in case of damage. 

Also, hydronic towel warmers cannot be moved once it has been installed, they may only be of use when the boiler or the radiator is in use.

It can even take a longer period to heat up, and they are more complicated installation i.e plumbers assistance is always required, hydronic towel rack is advisable if you want to remodel your bathroom, an electric towel warmer is known to use electricity which is approximately the same amount as two standard light bulbs to be able to heat the towel, electric towel warmer is very easy when installing, is just to plug in and use. 

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It is very portable, has low energy consumption, and heat very quickly. 

An electric towel warmer also has visible wiring, electricians are required for hardwired models and the heating element cannot be easily replaced, the entire model will have to be replaced if the element eventually dies.

If you prefer a freestanding model or you do not want to install the warmer permanently then you are advised to just go for the electronic towel racks. 

The following are some of the benefits that are usually offered by the heated towel bars;

Towel Warmers and How they are Mostly Used

1) They accelerate the drying of wet outerwear like coats and gloves by making the towel warmers work considering mudrooms.

2) They reduce mildew by drying towels very quickly by keeping them fresh.

3) They also act as a supplementary heater in your bathroom which makes the installation of towel warmers to become complex depending on the heating source and mounting style. 

Most towel warmers usually require professional installation and connection to your electrical systems and homes plumbing. 

Towel warmers are usually available in three mounting styles which are;

  • Floor – mounted
  • Wall hung and
  • Freestanding

All these three are available in plug-in electric versions and hardwired. 

There are other best towel warmers (bathroom towel warmers) available, like amba towel warmers, wall mount towel warmers, warmrail towel warmers, and many more.

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Hydronic towel warmers are mostly and should be mounted to the wall or floor because they have connected to plumbing, very wide variety of styles and sizes are normally available for everything in family bathrooms. 

Cooling towels are water activated which means that you will have to soak them in water, squeeze and twist it out, then snap them for some time for a refreshing cool-down. 

Then materials are saved to be usually dry to touch, which still holds in moisture to cool down your body for like 2 hours.

A beach towel is usually lightly weighted which is designed to fold to the size of a read. 

The towel is less durable which gets coarser with time and when towels that are soft, absorbent, and made of cotton are the most towel usually used in the aquatic world just simply because they are very cheap and effective, therefore most swimmers and other aquatic athletes make use of them as their drying off method.

Beach towels can fold roll up into small sizes so that you can carry them around and after you have used them for the first time, they feel soft, they are absorbent and they can repel sand.

The following are some good beach towels;

  • Colwood plush bamboo cotton beach towel
  • Utopia towels cabana stripe beach towel
  • Wise owl extra-large beach towel e.t.c

Microfiber towels are known to be among the best towel that you can use for drying your hair. 

Though it has a fast drying property apart from that, microfiber towels are not usually as rough as other types of towels. 

Microfiber towels are capable of drying your hair much faster, they absorb the wetness of your hair without gently being too wet. 

Microfiber towels can be reused and they are less bulky in the wash compared to standard cotton towels.

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In conclusion, towel warmers help to absorb excess water from curls and waves without leaving them dull or frizzy (the microfiber towels)

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