Buy your Grafted Hybrid Wambugu Apple Seedlings

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Buy your high quality and hybrid imported variety of Grafted Wambugu apple seedlings that is compatible with semi-arid soil from us today.

  • The Grafted Wambugu apple seedlings thrive between temperatures 32 and 45 degrees F and they starts fruiting in 9-10 months.
  • The wambugu apples produces around 500 to 2,000 fruits per tree and fruits twice per year July /August and December/January.
  • The fruits appears in different colors ranging from green, red, or reddish-green.

The Plant Requirements of Grafted Wambugu Apple Seedlings

1. After purchasing seedlings, protect them from injury, drying out, freezing, or overheating. If the roots have dried out, soak them in water about 24 hours before planting

2. Soak the roots of the Grafted hybrid Wambugu apple seedling in water for an hour before planting to hydrate them. Sow the seedlings into the already dug hole at a depth of 2 inches above the soil level.

3. Mulch the root area with the compost manure.

4. Transplant very early in the morning or later in the evening but first of all loosen the soil before planting. Don’t shed the seedlings allow them to grow in the open sunlight.

5. Apples are planted in holes that are 60cm wide and 60 cm deep spaced at 3m by 3m for better growth.

6. Do not add fertilizer at planting time, as the roots can be burned.


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